1875 Schoolhouse

In 1875, a two-room red brick schoolhouse was built on Pleasant Ridge Avenue near Main Street for the benefit of the farm children in the area, and just one year later Capital University moved from Columbus to its present campus site.  Urbanization had begun.

First Schoolhouse

In 1864, the first brick school house was built at what is now College and Livingston.

The Opening of the National Road and the Turnpike Plank Road

National Road (Main Street) at Alum Creek: Artist, Edie Mae Herrel; Bexley Historical Society Collection

The opening of the portion of the National Road (Main Street) connecting Zanesville with Columbus in 1833, and the building of the Turnpike Plank Road (Broad Street) connecting Granville with Columbus in 1852, created the groundwork for settlement of the Bexley area. Pioneers created farmlands from the lush forests. Homes,..Read More

1801 Act establishes boundaries of Refugee Tract

A tract of 103,527 acres was established by an act dated February 18, 1801 for persons from British Canada who fled south to aid the American cause during the Revolutionary War. In Columbus, the Refugee Tract lies approximately between Fifth Avenue on the north and Refugee Road on the south,..Read More

Treaty of Paris cedes Northwest Territory to Britain

In 1763, the territory that would become Ohio was ceded by France to Great Britain as part of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the French and Indian War. While the English issued the Proclamation of 1763 prohibiting white settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains, this proclamation was widely ignored..Read More

Indigenous Cultures Along Alum Creek

As early as 1 AD, human life is known to have existed along Alum Creek, as evidenced by a prehistoric Adena Mound found here. Currently on display at the Historical Society are Adena artifacts from the mound unearthed by Mr. McCalla on his farm in 1880 – in the area..Read More